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Photo: Shira Gal on flickr

How Do You Move On?

Dear Meli, I have been in a difficult relationship for a long time. We have both been growing a lot, and for a long time it made sense for me to stay. But now I am realizing that it’s time to go. It’s hurting me too much to stay in this relationship. And yet leaving […]

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photo: Creative Ignition on flickr

Can You Surrender Without Giving Up?

Dear Meli, A word I hear a lot in spiritual circles is “surrender,” especially in relation to surrendering to a Higher Power. I have a hard time with this concept. “Surrender,” to me, sounds to me giving up. What is your experience with this? Suspicious of Surrender Dear Suspicious, This is an ongoing conversation I’ve […]

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photo: Orin Zebest on flickr

­­­The Benefits of a Crappy Life

A crappy life is, well, crappy. Right? One could say it’s hard to argue otherwise. But then one wouldn’t be a hard-core Goofball nerd who is always looking to argue against crappy and for happy. Which is what led Melissa and I to watch the movie Happy. Happy is just what it sounds like – […]

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