photo: jeffrey schwartz on flickr

photo: jeffrey schwartz on flickr

What’s the best way to get something done?

Visualize it? Or forge ahead and make it happen?

Just to be clear, this post is not for people who are only interested in the latter. Yes, you can accomplish a lot by focusing solely on physical reality, but things get a lot more interesting when you add the element of thought.

That’s what this post is about. But it’s also about how ­­­we go about using our thoughts to bring about our desires.

I have a new theory.

That’s right, Dr. Z is back on the scene and I’m breaking it down about the topic of manifestation! (For more of Dr. Z’s theories, go here and here and here.)

There are 3 ways to manifest.

Some people, but not all, adopt these 3 styles in a predictable order. Others adopt one style and stick to it. There’s no right or wrong way, but there is – in my humble opinion – an optimal way to manifest.

Are you ready to hear all about it?

Here goes!

3 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams

Manifestation Style #1: “Hands On”
photo: jessie pearl on flickr

photo: jessie pearl on flickr

This style is best exemplified by the movie “The Secret.” You want a red Corvette? Visualize a red Corvette. See yourself in the driver’s seat. Feel your fingers grip the steering wheel. Smell that yucky fabulous new-car smell. Allow your mind and your senses to fully absorb the reality of sitting in your amazing new car.

Lather, rinse, and repeat.

This style is a great way to get specific things. For newbie manifesters, this is a wonderful way to start. The parking places of the world await you! Short lines at Costco await you! Green traffic lights await you!

Manifestation Style #1 allows you to develop your manifestation chops. It allows you to see that your thoughts have a powerful effect on your experience of reality. And . . .

It doesn’t always work.


What then?

Get pissed, get bitter, and give up?

Well, that’s one option. But there are others. Like. . . .

Manifestation Style #2: “Hands Off”
photo: terren in virginia on flickr

photo: terren in virginia on flickr

This style is best exemplified by the motto: Let go and let God.

Well, partly. First, you need to get clear about why  you want what you want. If your efforts to manifest a red Corvette aren’t panning out, you step back and take a look at what’s behind the desire. Perhaps it’s reliable transportation. Or speed. Or prestige.

Then you dig a little deeper. What are the spiritual qualities underneath these desires?

Freedom? Abundance? Power?

Use your manifestation work to focus on these divine aspects and allow the Universe to determine the best way to deliver them to you.

Maybe it will be in the package of a red Corvette, maybe not.

The deeper you get into manifestation work, the more you realize the Universe is a lot smarter than you are. It always has amazing ideas that are way beyond what you can cook up. Why not follow Its lead?!

Life can get pretty amazing that way.

But wait! There’s more!

There’s yet another style that allows things to get even more amazing.

Manifestation Style #3: “Magic Hands”
photo: Linus Bohman on flickr

photo: Linus Bohman on flickr

This style is best exemplified by the statement: You’ve got a friend in Jesus.

Okay, I’m kinda kidding. But not totally.

Some of us start out with Manifestation Style #1. We use it until we realize its limitations, at which point we adopt Manifestation Style #2.

At this point, we poo-poo those who manifest parking spaces. We look down on anyone who uses the art of visualization to manifest specific desires.

But here’s what I’ve discovered.

When you build a relationship with the Divine, you will sometimes be prompted to visualize specific outcomes.

Except instead of coming from your smaller egoic self, as they did in Manifestation Style #1, the specifics are coming from the Divine.

This is when things start to get really, really, really cool.

photo: mr. timney on flickr

photo: mr. timney on flickr

A few years ago, I was in a class with Rev. Bernardo Monserrat. Rev. Bernardo is a minister and a psychotherapist with a gift for spiritual counseling. As part of the class, he did a few counseling demonstrations with volunteers.

In one of these demonstrations, Rev. Bernardo did something I’ve never forgotten. During the prayer portion of the session, he added several specific details that the client had not mentioned. These details included the client’s relationship with his wife – the client had not mentioned having a wife – and a specific goal for the client’s vocation.

After the session, several members of the class were up in arms.

You’re not supposed to outline the client’s desires, they said. Why did you do that?!

Because Spirit told me to, said Rev. Bernardo.

At this point, the client jumped in. I loved when you said those things, he said. They were perfect.

Rev. Bernardo went on to stress the importance of building a relationship with Spirit. When this relationship is intact, we are guided by the desires of the Divine in every moment.

Sometimes we are guided to affirm broad desires, like Love and Harmony. Sometimes we are guided to get really, really specific – like an improved relationship with a specific person, in a specific time and place.

And sometimes we are guided to simply let go and breathe.

photo: Vox Efx on flickr

photo: Vox Efx on flickr

So, how do we build a relationship with the Divine?

Meditation is a great starting place. Actually, it’s a great ending place as well. Meditation can take you really far.

There’s also dialoguing with the Divine. Asking questions and waiting to see how the answers will come – be it in dreams, or books, or highway signs, or a word from a friend.

Part of the fun of building this relationship is letting it be unique and personal and awe-some. (Thus, the You’ve got a friend in Jesus line.)

And if you ask me – because I know you want to – Dr. Z, which is the best­­­ manifestation style?!

I will say, Manifestation Style #3 is optimal.

Except when it’s not. Sometimes you need to start with Style #1 because you haven’t yet built a strong and abiding relationship with the Divine. And sometimes you need to hang out in Style #2 to relax and surrender.

But, ultimately, Style #3 allows you to utilize the benefits of Styles #1 and #2, plus it deepens your relationship with Spirit.

What’s wrong with that?


What’s awe-some about that?


I rest my case.

photo: vectorportal on flickr

photo: vectorportal on flickr

What manifestation styles do you use? What are the advantages of each?



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