Are you a good meditator? Or a bad meditator?

That was a trick question!

There’s no such thing as a bad meditator.

Everybody thinks. A lot.

And meditation is the process of watching our thoughts.

So meditation, by definition, tends to involve lots of thinking.

Because when we’re meditating, we start to notice how many thoughts move through our minds.

And we notice just how bizarre some of our thoughts are.

With that in mind (so to speak), Melissa and I wrote a rap/song about meditation.

It’s called “Thoughts and Feelings and Fears, Oh My!”

And we now have a music video for the song!

Our director was Mike Abela, a wonderful filmmaker whom we absolutely loved working with.

We were joined in the process by Aiden Babb, Galen Babb, Lisa Barry, Lisa Hamilton, Elisha Christopher Hayden, Calvin Johnson, MsRosie Rodriguez, Zen Ross, Marcy Roth, Abigail Schairer, and Phoenix Watkins.



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