If you took an inventory of your life, what would you find?

Are there areas that are totally hunky dory? And how about train wrecks – are there any of those?

I like to think that my life is train-wreck-free, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes my trains get seriously wrecked. Or life wrecks them for me. However it happens, I’m a mess.

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So, how do I make it better?

Well, there are lots of ways to make things better. Some involve action and some don’t. I find it helps for me to get clear on the inside before I take any action on the outside.

This “Inner-First” approach rocks for three reasons:

1. Any action I take will be inspired by the clarity of my vision.

2. The internal work allows me to stay connected with the Divine, allowing It to guide my life.

3. Often, the internal work solves the train wreck and no external action is necessary.

And what do I mean by “internal work”? No, I’m not talking root canals or anything involving the word “scope.”

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I mean interior, spiritual/psychological inquiry and investigation:

Meditation. Prayer. Affirmations. Gratitude practice.

Melissa and I do a gratitude practice every night. At one point, Melissa came up with an addition to this practice that’s seriously groovy. Not only that, this addition has proved to be an amazing way to transform our lives.

It’s called the “Magic 5,” and here’s how it works.

First we do our gratitude practice. We each list 10 things we’re grateful for. Actually, we’re hard core, so first we list 10 things we’re grateful for in the area of abundance, and then we do 10 “regular” gratitudes.

Then – and here comes the fun part – we each list 5 things we’re going to be grateful for in the future.

See where I’m going with this?

Anything that’s driving us crazy, we put into the Magic 5. Anything we want to change in our lives, we add to the Magic 5.

We speak our gratitude for this desired change as if it’s already done.

The Magic 5 works with both big things and little things. Bottom line, it’s our consciousness that’s changing, and the “size” of the problem is irrelevant to this aspect of ourselves.

Here’s an example of how this has worked:

For months, I had a glitchy Facebook “Share” button on my website. Given that Facebook is one of the major ways we promote OhMyGod Life, this little issue was driving me crazy. Granted, it was not a problem of earth-shattering proportions, but it was causing some minor tremors in my little area of the planet.

So I put it in the Magic 5:

I’m so grateful that my Facebook “Share” button is fixed! It feels so good to be able to share my blog so easily now! It’s so awesome that everything came together and I was able to find such a quick and easy solution!

And here’s the interesting thing: In this case, I ended up being inspired to hire a new techie person to help me with my site. One who fixed the problem right away. Before this, I had several different folks attempt to solve the problem, but it wasn’t until I put it in the “Magic 5” that the right person came forward.

I’ve also used the “Magic 5” with health issues, money concerns, relationship challenges – You name it, the “Magic 5” can handle it!

photo: sideshowbarker on flickr

Which brings us to the question: Is there anything we can’t put in the “Magic 5”?

The answer to this is both simple and complicated:

Trust your intuition.

In other words, don’t let your ego guide this process. Sometimes the ego comes up with desires that aren’t really in our best interest: a specific job, or specific car, or relationship with a specific person.

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When the ego picks it, it often doesn’t manifest. Or if it does, we realize we didn’t want it after all.

Instead, it’s better to let the Divine take the wheel. Then the “Magic 5” can be a conduit for our greatest desires.

Indeed, one thing I regularly put in the “Magic 5” is a closer relationship with the Divine:

I’m so grateful for my relationship with Spirit! It’s so awesome that my connection with the Divine gets closer and clearer every day! My life is blessed with this rich, powerful, amazing connection!

photo: ameilynn1124 on flickr

So what are you waiting for? Allow your intuition to reveal your greatest desires, and then put them in the “Magic 5”!



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