For those of us who are into manifestation – and even those that aren’t – there are a few common elements we’ve all come to expect.

The vision board.



But there’s one element to manifestation that often gets left out.

This neglected element is crucial to the manifestation process. Indeed, the omission of this element often leads to crappy less-than-desirable results with manifestation itself.


Interestingly enough, it’s not what we’re doing wrong, it’s that we’re doing too much doing in the first place.

Manifestation is an active science. At least, it’s often perceived that way.

The elements I listed above – vision boards, affirmations, visualization – are all active endeavors.

But the missing element is not active.

It’s receptive.

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Yup, the missing element to most manifestation regimes is ….


Those of you who are already meditators are probably nodding knowingly.

Those of you who aren’t meditators may be rolling your eyes. Or putting your fingers in your ears and sing “La la la la.”

Cuz really, it’s kind of annoying to some people that they have to include meditation in the manifestation game.

People – not you, of course, but some people – want manifestation to be a quick fix. They want their stuff and they want it now!

And vision boards are great. I love me some vision boards. And affirmations. And visualizations.

Those things are awesome. They’re all ways to actively engage the Divine and to allow a greater flow of Good into our lives.

But here’s the thing.

Meditation is where we let our Good in.

If you never sit still long enough to receive, you can’t, well, receive.

Ultimately, active manifestation techniques are about getting ourselves aligned with the Divine, which is the energy that does the manifesting.

Meditation is a way to let go and let the Divine do its thing.


And the Divine’s thing is pretty awesome.

Just sayin’.

You might meditate and be given a whole different direction for your manifestation goals.

You may be given a new approach to try. Or a hunch about who to talk to next.

Or you may listen to a bunch of chatter in your mind for a really long time until you can finally get quiet enough – after weeks or months or years or decades – to hear the voice of the Divine within.

And when that happens, you won’t even care how long it took. Because it was worth it. And you realize that the ultimate goal underneath everything you were wanting to manifest was precisely that feeling you get from connecting with the Divine.

But wait, I’m giving away the ending.

Experience it for yourself. Add meditation to your manifestation regime and see what happens.

What do you have to lose but your crappy less-than-desirable manifestation results?!


Is meditation a part of your manifestation regime? Share your comments below!


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