This post is not for anyone who is happy with the results of the recent election.

This post is for those who are stunned and sickened beyond belief not happy with the results of the recent election.

Hello, my people!

First of all, let me say: Let’s feel our feelings, shall we?

I mean, really.

Are you kidding me?

Did this really happen?


Because the answer is Yes, it did, there’s a lot of shock and sadness and rage and fear and a whole host of other emotions going on.

It’s important to feel that stuff.

I hate to say it, but I think there may be lots of opportunities for us to feel our feelings over the next, say, four years or so.

And you may be one of those folks who needs to stay in the feel your feelings camp for a while.

I get that.

I respect it.

That said, as the dust starts to settle on the initial shock and fear, there are a few principles I want to call to our attention.

Principles we’ll want to tuck into our hearts and keep at the ready for the next, say, four years or so.

Here goes:

1. Love is in charge.


When I say “Love,” I’m not talking about feelings. Like being fond of this person or that person.

I’m talking about the Love Intelligence that organizes the entire Universe.

That kind of Love.

The kind of Love that can make stars and planets and stuff like that.


Love is badass.

Love doesn’t mess around.

Plus It’s a serious micro manager.

It’s not bringing Its badass self into some parts of the cosmos and totally ignoring other parts.


It’s everywhere.

Including our most recent Presidential election.

Yup, it may be hard to see just yet what in the heck Love has in mind here, but It’s here.

2. Love is bigger than anything.



Love is bigger than the President of the United States.

(No offense, President Obama. Because when it comes to badass Presidents, you’re right up there. But Love is even bigger than you.)

When I go into fear, it’s usually because I’m giving a certain someone waaaaaay too much power in my mind.

Yes, as President, there is a significant amount of worldly and political power being wielded.

But that power ain’t nothing compared to the power of Love.

Remember, we’re talking about a force that births stars and planets and is a serious micro manager intimately involved in the details of every fricking thing that’s happening everywhere.

Again, we still don’t have all the deets on what exactly Love is up to here.

But Love is all over it.

3. Love is using Donald Trump


Yeah, the Donald probably wouldn’t like to hear that he’s being used by a force other than himself.

But he is.

It’s part of Love’s badass nature that It uses everyone and everything for Its purposes.

And Its purposes are mighty.

Love is all about Freedom.

And Wholeness.

And Harmony.

HPrships1 - Copy

I want that in my government, don’t you?

Love does too.

And It is using an extremely unlikely vehicle to get there.

But Love is sooooooo much smarter than we are.

(Because, quite frankly, I wouldn’t have gone for that choice. But given the trickster nature of Love, I know It has something up Its sleeveless sleeves.)


How many times have you had something go horribly wrong in your life?

And then come to find that it was the best thing that ever could have happened?

Indeed, how many times has this “horrible thing” been the catalyst for everything getting better in ways you never would have imagined?

Almost like a Star-And-Planet-Making-Badass-Micromanager was in charge of it all.

Again, I’m not denying that we’re going to have feelings about this.

I’m not saying we’re not going to freak out sometimes before we can get back to remembering the Badass Micromanager.

But the more we can remember It, the better.

Because when we rest in this awareness, we’re resting in Love.

We’re shifting our vibration to the biggest Badass of all, and when we do so, we’re participating in creating the amazing world that Love has in mind.

You feel me?

Oh, and when we’re vibrating from this place, any action we take in the world is inspired.

Our actions are that much more powerful because we have an Eternal Badass to back them up.


One last thing:

We’re going to need each other over these next, say, four years or so.

We’re going to need help remembering the Badass Micromanager.

We going to need help remembering to stay steady in holding that awareness.

And acting not from fear, but from the Vibration of the Badass.

You ready?

You in?


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