photo: Leah Gregg on flickr

photo: Leah Gregg on flickr

Have you ever affirmed something?

Maybe you employed the technique of visualization. Maybe you stood in front of a mirror and recited affirmations. Maybe you cut out a bunch of pictures and put them on a vision board.

Or maybe you just focused your mind on a particular outcome until it came about.

If you’ve ever used any of these techniques, you know the power of using your intent and focus to bring something into physical manifestation.

It can feel like a magic trick: You think it, you visualize it, you claim and affirm it and – Presto! Chango! – it comes into form.

But did you know there’s an even bigger trick, and even more magical purpose behind all affirmations and visualizations?!

And it has nothing to do with Siegfried and Roy.

s and r done

I’ve written a ­bunch of posts about affirmations and manifestations in this blog.

I’ve talked about how affirmations can make things worse. I’ve talked about letting go of overly-detailed affirmations. I’ve talked about the importance of perseverance in manifestation work. I’ve given tips on what to do if your visualizations aren’t working. I’ve written about the power of rogue affirmations.

These posts are all great. I wrote them, and I’m quite fond of them.

But there’s a bigger picture here, one that involves a little trick the Universe plays on everyone who ever manifested anything.

Wanna know what it is?

Okay, I’ll tell you:

The manifestation doesn’t matter.

Yup, it’s true.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch about the very important thing you’re manifesting and how your life is going to be so much better once you manifest it, give me a chance to explain.

photo: Steven Depolo on flickr

photo: Steven Depolo on flickr

Yes, it’s awesome to manifest stuff. Yes, it’s empowering to realize your consciousness is creative and you can change your life by changing your thoughts and beliefs.

I’ve been a hard-core woo-woo manifestor for thirty years now. My life is far better for it.

But the more I visualize and affirm, the less important the stuff I’m affirming becomes. Ultimately, affirmations and visualizations are a creative process. That’s what’s cool about them.

We are powerful creators, whether we know it or not.

When we first discover this, it can be fun to affirm parking places and cars to park in them.

photo: Moto "Club4AG" Miwa on flickr

photo: Moto “Club4AG” Miwa on flickr

But if our happiness is predicated on having stuff, we’re not going to be happy for long. Stuff comes and goes. What’s really amazing is our power to create.

The more we’re willing to align ourselves with this power, the better our lives get.

At least, that’s been my experience.

So even though manifesting stuff is groovy, it’s ultimately a trick. The desire to manifest stuff is the carrot that gets us interested in the creative process in the first place. Manifesting stuff is the shell game that allows us to see that we are what we want.

And by we, I mean the creative genius that lives in each and every one of us, the creative genius that is both in us and beyond us.

photo: Moyan Brenn on flickr

photo: Moyan Brenn on flickr

And here’s something really groovy:

Now I use my manifesting muscles to claim and affirm that I have an amazing, intimate, loving relationship with the Divine. (That’s my name for the creative power.)

Yes, I still manifest stuff. It’s fun. But more and more, I’m seeing that the whole reason the Divine created this whole manifesting stuff game was to get us to align more fully with the power behind all manifestation.

That’s the point. That’s the real “secret.”

Not fancy cars and mansions, but the power that created the cars and mansions in the first place.

It’s the same power that creates baby ducks.

photo: Jim Pennucci on flickr

photo: Jim Pennucci on flickr

And baby sheep.

photo: Tess on flickr

photo: Tess on flickr

And baby people.

photo: Andrew Vargas on flickr

photo: Andrew Vargas on flickr

And friendship.

friendship done

And kindness.

photo: Wonderlane on flickr

photo: Wonderlane on flickr

That’s what we are.

And when we know this, really know it, nothing can fool us. Not even a game that seems to be about stuff.

The true fulfillment of the game is in aligning ourselves with the Game Master.

And I’m not talking about Bob Barker.

bob barker done

What’s your experience with manifestation? How do you align yourself with the creative power? Share your comments below!

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