photo: Rob Boudon on flickr

photo: Rob Boudon on flickr

In the New Age/Metaphysical/Woo-Woo movement, we’re fond of saying that you can be, do or have anything you want.

Wanna write a bestseller?!

You can do it!

Wanna live in a mansion?!

It’s yours!

Wanna be a rock star?!

Rock on with your bad self!

photo: Robert Bejil on flickr

photo: Robert Bejil on flickr

But is it really true that we can be, do or have anything we want? Can we all be mansion-dwelling, multimillionaire rock stars if we just believe we can be?!

I’ve been reading a book lately that totally answers this question.

The book is called The Great Work of Your Life, by Stephen Cope. I gobbled it up in about a week. I’m currently reading it for the second time.

The book is all about the Bhagavad Gita and the concept of dharma.

What is dharma?

It’s what Spirit tells us to do.

Not like: Eat your beans, they’re good for you.

But like: Hey, check it out! If you do this thing I’m telling you to do, it will bring you greater fulfillment and peace than any other path you could possibly follow. Not only that, this path will lead you closer to Me, the Divine! What do you say? You wanna do it?!

photo:  Mateus Lunardi Dutra on flickr

photo: Mateus Lunardi Dutra on flickr

You’d think we’d all jump at an offer like that, but we don’t.

We don’t because our dharma often scares us. Or it’s not what others think we should do. Or it doesn’t seem practical. Or we’re afraid we’ll fail and make a fool of ourselves. Or a million other reasons we come up with to avoid the one thing we are here to do.

Though it’s actually not just one thing. In my lifetime thus far, I’ve been a student, a farmer, a counselor, a writer and now a minister/rapper/writer/professional Goofball.

In every case, I was doing what the Divine led me to do.

Which brings me back to this idea of being/having/doing it all.

Yes, we’re certainly free to try anything we like. And we’re certainly free to claim and affirm and visualize anything we like.

photo: Vox Efx on flickr

photo: Vox Efx on flickr

But: if we’re not in alignment with the Divine when we do so, we’re not going to like the results.

And that doesn’t mean we can pick anything we like – being a rock star, for example – and then get into alignment and then we can have that thing.

No, the trick is to get into alignment first, and then let the alignment with the Divine direct the course of your desires.

It’s not most people’s dharma to be a rock star.

And that’s a good thing.

All of us have a unique gift to share with the world.

The world needs it. The world wants it. And it’s up to us to figure out what it is and then share it with the world.

photo: Aristocrats-hat on flickr

photo: Aristocrats-hat on flickr

But Z, you say. What if I don’t know what that gift is?!

In my progression from student to farmer to professional Goofball, I was following where the Divine was leading me. As I did so, I had the sensation of getting closer and closer to what I was really here to do.

Being a farmer was awesome and just what I needed to do at the time, but it wasn’t it. Same with all the other stuff that followed.

Sometimes the process of finding our dharma means trying things out and seeing what sticks.

In his book, Cope points out that sometimes people are really really close to their dharma, and they have to just make a few small adjustments in order to hit it spot on.

In my case, I knew that writing fiction was really really close but wasn’t quite it. But by being willing to try it out, it led me to the next thing, which was the whole minister/Goofball gig.

photo: will bakx

photo: will bakx

Which is totally my dharma.

Even though it scares me sometimes. Even though it’s challenging me like nothing ever has.

It’s also leading me closer to Life in all its wonderful, amazing, messy glory.

So here’s the deal:

Find a way to get in the flow of Source Energy.

Dance. Sing. Meditate. Spend time in nature. Hang out with people who make you laugh.

Whatever it is, do it! And then do it some more.

The more you’re in the flow, the more you can listen to the call of the Divine. And when you hear that call, answer it!

Even if it’s scary. Even if you might make a fool out of yourself.

We’re all fools. And the sooner you realize this, and show the world your foolish self, the happier you’ll be.

Plus, when you’re living life full out, you know what everyone will call you?

A rock star.

photo: D. Begley on flickr

photo: D. Begley on flickr

How do you listen to the call of Source? Share your comments below!

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