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The Tricky First Step in Setting a Boundary

Have you ever tried to set a boundary? (Key word: tried.) And have you ever had your boundary trampled upon like a herd of caffeinated elephants escaping from the circus? You and me both, eh? Here’s the thing: When you read books about setting boundaries, and they give you that pep talk about how it […]

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A Selfish Reason to Care About Diversity

People are selfish. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Our selfishness helps us stay alive. It helps us move forward, fulfilling our goals and dreams. Even someone like Mother Theresa, who most of us would view as one of the least selfish people on the planet, was doing something that was satisfying to her. […]

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How Do You Make Peace with Aging?

Dear Meli, I’m embarrassed to admit this, because I know that acceptance is the key to true spirituality, but I really don’t like getting older. It sucks. My body doesn’t work as well as it used to. People treat me differently. My hair is all grey now, and I’m aware that in many situations I […]

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­­­How to Make Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations, Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of this series! At this point, you have some serious skills and know-how in creating Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations. In Part One, you learned how to craft them. In Part Two, you learned about the key component of believability. And in Part Three, you learned about the importance of saturating […]

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­­­How to Make Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations, Part 3

Hello! Welcome to the third installment of this affirmation series. In the first installment, we covered Composition [link]. Then we tackled the important component of Believability [link]. Next up….. Frequency! Frequency is key in working with affirmations. Along with believability, it is one of the most important factors to having your Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations actually work. […]

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When Is It Okay to Be Selfish?

Dear Meli, Is it okay to be selfish? I always think of it as a bad thing, but recently someone pointed out to me that the people accusing you of being selfish are often wanting you to follow their agenda. How can I learn to be selfish without being obnoxious or overly self-involved? Scared to […]

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How to Make Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations, Part 2

In the first post of this series, we covered the first step of making Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations: Composition. (If you missed it, you can check it out here [link].) Now that we have our Super-Amazing-Incredible affirmation, there’s another key component to its structure. That component leads us to the second area of this series: Believability Believability […]

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How Do You Handle Betrayal?

Dear Meli, Jan and I have been best friends for about ten years. I met her through my job, and we immediately hit it off. We have been through a lot of stuff together, and I always thought she had my back. Recently, I found out that she has been saying bad stuff about me […]

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