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photo: Marc Dalmulder on flickr

How Do You Conquer Low Self-Esteem?

Dear Meli, I’ve been doing spiritual stuff for years. Meditation, affirmations, yoga. You name it, I’ve done it. It’s definitely helped me, but I still have this issue. It’s my self-esteem. Even with all the years of spiritual work, I still feel insecure. I still don’t feel good about myself. Sometimes I do, but a […]

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photo: Melissa Phillippe

­­­How to Get Out of Menopause

From the minute I heard about this whole menopause thing, I thought That’s not for me! Sweating? Weight gain? Out-of-control moods? No thanks! I’ll pass! I started the process about six months ago, and everything was going great. No more periods! No more cramping! No more standing in line to buy tampons even though I […]

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Do You Have to Love Everybody to Be Spiritual?

Dear Meli, Being spiritual has a lot of “shoulds” that come with it. Take this one, for example: “Spiritual people SHOULD be able to get along with everyone.” But what about difficult people? What about people from your past? In my case, I’m talking about my ex. She wasn’t awful. The relationship didn’t work because […]

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­­­The Power of Prejudice (It’s Not What You Think!)

Prejudice is everywhere. We see it in the news. We see it in our families. Some of us are more aware of prejudice than others. People of color. Differently-abled people. When we think of the power of prejudice, we tend to think of its destructive power. Let’s face it, prejudice has created some serious mischief […]

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­­­The Last Blog Post You’ll Ever Need to Read

Yup, that’s right. You can read this post and you’re done. No more posts about the Best Way to do this, or the Only Way to do that. No more provocative teasers about how you have to Read. This. Right. Now!!!!! All those posts are written with great authority, as though the person writing is […]

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­­­The Benefits of a Crappy Life

A crappy life is, well, crappy. Right? One could say it’s hard to argue otherwise. But then one wouldn’t be a hard-core Goofball nerd who is always looking to argue against crappy and for happy. Which is what led Melissa and I to watch the movie Happy the other night. Happy is just what it […]

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Can You Trust Your Inner Voice?

Dear Meli, You know how they always say to “Go with your gut?” Sometimes I’m not sure about this. I’ve gone with my gut, and afterwards realized that it was the spoiled child in me, wanting something that turned out not to be good for me. When I hear a voice inside me, or have […]

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