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­­­Healing the Impossible: A Case Study

Every day, we hear stories of people who heal impossible things. How does it happen? What are the ingredients that allow miracles to occur? I was prompted to write this post while pondering my own healing of an eating disorder. I began my journey with food addiction in sixth grade. That’s when I started to […]

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How Can You Let Go Of Spiritual Competition?

Dear Meli, I have a friend I have coffee with once a month or so. We recently started hanging out because she shares many of my interests – particularly spiritual interests. At first, it was really cool to talk with some who “got it.” But lately I’ve started to feel like we’re competing: who meditates […]

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Is Astrology Bad for You?

Dear Meli, A few years ago, I had a reading done by an astrologer. She was recommended to me by a friend of mind. Even though I was resistant to going, the reading was amazing. It was like the astrologer could read my mind – she knew so much about me without me having to […]

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All Day Appreciation Assault! (Video)

This video, the All Day Appreciation Assault, is the first in a series called Joy Jams – Tips and Tunes to Satisfy Your Soul. (To be the first to receive these videos as they are released, sign up for our mailing list at the top of this page.) In this premiere video, we share an […]

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Here’s a Fun Thing to Do with Random Strangers

Is there anything more fun than interacting with random strangers? Let me rephrase that. Is there anything more awkward/uncomfortable/terrifying than interacting with random strangers? Maybe you’re one of those extroverts who is shaking your head right now. I love strangers! Strangers are fun! It’s a chance to meet someone new and expand my horizons! If […]

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