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­­­How to Make Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations, Part 3

Hello! Welcome to the third installment of this affirmation series. In the first installment, we covered Composition [link]. Then we tackled the important component of Believability [link]. Next up….. Frequency! Frequency is key in working with affirmations. Along with believability, it is one of the most important factors to having your Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations actually work. […]

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photo: Jaysin Trevino on flickr

When Is It Okay to Be Selfish?

Dear Meli, Is it okay to be selfish? I always think of it as a bad thing, but recently someone pointed out to me that the people accusing you of being selfish are often wanting you to follow their agenda. How can I learn to be selfish without being obnoxious or overly self-involved? Scared to […]

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How to Make Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations, Part 2

In the first post of this series, we covered the first step of making Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations: Composition. (If you missed it, you can check it out here [link].) Now that we have our Super-Amazing-Incredible affirmation, there’s another key component to its structure. That component leads us to the second area of this series: Believability Believability […]

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How Do You Handle Betrayal?

Dear Meli, Jan and I have been best friends for about ten years. I met her through my job, and we immediately hit it off. We have been through a lot of stuff together, and I always thought she had my back. Recently, I found out that she has been saying bad stuff about me […]

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11 Ways to Lift a Bad Mood

Dear Meli, What do you do when you feel down? Most of the time I feel pretty good about things, but sometimes, so seemingly no reason, everything looks bleak. What do you do when the glass suddenly looks less than half full – and cracked?! Suddenly Sulky Dear Sulky, There are so many options for […]

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Transgender Bathroom Access: A Love Story

I’ll never forget the first time a woman screamed when I walked into a women’s bathroom. I didn’t want her to scream. I just wanted to pee. But my short hair, tall frame and androgynous features led her to believe that a man had walked into the bathroom. I stuck out my chest and explained […]

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