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Can You Surrender Without Giving Up?

Dear Meli, A word I hear a lot in spiritual circles is “surrender,” especially in relation to surrendering to a Higher Power. I have a hard time with this concept. “Surrender,” to me, sounds to me giving up. What is your experience with this? Suspicious of Surrender Dear Suspicious, This is an ongoing conversation I’ve […]

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Thoughts and Feelings and Fears, Oh My! (Video)

Are you a good meditator? Or a bad meditator? That was a trick question! There’s no such thing as a bad meditator. Everybody thinks. A lot. And meditation is the process of watching our thoughts. So meditation, by definition, tends to involve lots of thinking. Because when we’re meditating, we start to notice how many […]

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z egloff

A Wacky Way to Stop Caring What Other People Think

I admit it. I care what other people think of me. Though not nearly as much as I used to. But even much-less-than-I-used-to is still too much for me. So lately, I’ve been working on letting go of other people’s opinions even more. Or should I say, what I think their opinions are. Because, really, […]

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How Do You Find Space in a Hectic Life?

Dear Meli, My life is awesome! In fact, I’m living the life of my dreams. But lately there’s been a little too much awesome. There’s so much great stuff in my life, but I’m having a hard time fitting everything in. There are all these great projects I’m working on, and there’s so much I […]

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­­­The Biggest Problem With Affirmations

Affirmations are awesome! Affirmations – positive statements formed in the present tense – are a great way to change habitual thinking. Especially if they’re used passionately and consistently. But – yes, there is a but – they have one drawback. This drawback brings out an issue that is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding in the New […]

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Can You Heal Everything with Your Mind?

­­­Dear Meli, I’ve been getting headaches recently and I wasn’t sure why. My doctor suggested an eye exam and Voila! They say I need glasses. Here’s my problem with this. I’ve been told by my spiritual teacher that I can heal any physical malady with my mind. And I don’t want to wear glasses. Help! […]

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