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­­­Why You Should Never Give Up

When it comes to finding a reason not to give up, I like to turn to the words of old dead people. One of my favorite old dead people is Ernest Holmes. Ernest said a lot of great things but the best thing he ever said, in my humble opinion, was this: Principle is not […]

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­­­Healing the Impossible: A Case Study

Every day, we hear stories of people who heal impossible things. How does it happen? What are the ingredients that allow miracles to occur? I was prompted to write this post while pondering my own healing of an eating disorder. I began my journey with food addiction in sixth grade. That’s when I started to […]

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How Can You Let Go Of Spiritual Competition?

Dear Meli, I have a friend I have coffee with once a month or so. We recently started hanging out because she shares many of my interests – particularly spiritual interests. At first, it was really cool to talk with some who “got it.” But lately I’ve started to feel like we’re competing: who meditates […]

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Is Astrology Bad for You?

Dear Meli, A few years ago, I had a reading done by an astrologer. She was recommended to me by a friend of mind. Even though I was resistant to going, the reading was amazing. It was like the astrologer could read my mind – she knew so much about me without me having to […]

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