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The Hidden Plot Twist in Your Life Story

Have you ever seen a movie with a hidden plot twist? One you never saw coming? The best friend is the murderer. The hero is the villain. The goofy sidekick is actually an evil genius intent on destroying the planet with her madcap unicorn made of slime. You know, the usual stuff. Each and every […]

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What’s Your Number? And Why Does It Matter? 

I know. It totally sounds like we’re at a bar and I’m trying to hit on you. What’s your number, little lady? But here’s the thing – I’m a Five, and knowing that I’m a Five has changed my life for the better in innumerable ways. For those of you who still think we’re in […]

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photo: Jaysin Trevino on flickr

When Is It Okay to Be Selfish?

Dear Meli, Is it okay to be selfish? I always think of it as a bad thing, but recently someone pointed out to me that the people accusing you of being selfish are often wanting you to follow their agenda. How can I learn to be selfish without being obnoxious or overly self-involved? Scared to […]

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­­­The Biggest Problem With Affirmations

Affirmations are awesome! Affirmations – positive statements formed in the present tense – are a great way to change habitual thinking. Especially if they’re used passionately and consistently. But – yes, there is a but – they have one drawback. This drawback brings out an issue that is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding in the New […]

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Is There Room for Ego in Spiritual Practice?

Dear Meli, I’m currently in a spiritual community where they talk a lot about the ego. Mostly, they talk about how bad it is. I’ve also started reading things about the Law of Attraction, where it talks about the power of thought in attracting what you want into your life. In terms of what I’ve […]

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photo: Marc Dalmulder on flickr

How Do You Conquer Low Self-Esteem?

Dear Meli, I’ve been doing spiritual stuff for years. Meditation, affirmations, yoga. You name it, I’ve done it. It’s definitely helped me, but I still have this issue. It’s my self-esteem. Even with all the years of spiritual work, I still feel insecure. I still don’t feel good about myself. Sometimes I do, but a […]

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photo: Miquel C. on flickr

Is Your Ego Driving Your Spiritual Path?

We’ve all been there: We’re meditating. Or doing yoga. Or some really groovy, spiritual thing. And we’re totally in the zone. We’re in the flow with everything around us. We’re totally getting the whole spiritual thing. We’re feelin’ it. We’re livin’ it. We ARE it. And then it gets interesting. We can’t help but notice […]

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Wanna Make Your Life Better? Try the “Magic 5”!!

If you took an inventory of your life, what would you find? Are there areas that are totally hunky dory? And how about train wrecks – are there any of those? I like to think that my life is train-wreck-free, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes my trains get seriously wrecked. Or life wrecks […]

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photo: Leonid Mamchenkov on flickr

The New Age Virus and How to Avoid It

We’ve all seen it. A co-worker gets sick and wonders what she “did wrong” to cause the illness. A friend loses his job and blames it on his “lack consciousness.” A family member gets dumped by her boyfriend and beats herself up for not being a good enough “love magnet.” They’re all victims of that […]

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photo: Mikko Luntiala on flikr

How Elves Can Heal Your Life

Step aside Carl Jung. Step aside Ken Wilbur. There’s a new psycho-spiritual theorist in town and her name is . . . . Dr. Z! It doesn’t matter that I’m not actually a doctor. That didn’t stop me from coming up with a new theory that totally explains the entire scope of human spiritual and […]

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