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­­­The Power of an Unplugged Day

First of all, I just want to give a shout out to the Plugged. There are a lot of super-cool things about our current technology. I love it that I can text my wife and ask her if she wants anything at the store when I’m there. I love our Facebook community at OhMyGod Life […]

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­­­How to Change Your Life in 10 Seconds a Day

Yes, I know it’s a bold claim. And I know I’m an American, and Americans are known for wanting things done quickly and easily, even if it’s at the expense of the environment and the rest of humanity. But hear me out! This won’t hurt the planet or anyone else! And it has the potential […]

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All Day Appreciation Assault! (Video)

This video, the All Day Appreciation Assault, is the first in a series called Joy Jams – Tips and Tunes to Satisfy Your Soul. (To receive these videos as they are released, sign up for our mailing list at the top of this page.) In this premiere video, we shared an awesome practice that will […]

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Take the All-Day Appreciator Challenge!

Have you ever listened to what your mind is telling you? Like, really listened? If your mind is anything like my mind, it can get pretty interesting in there. Sure, my mind coughs up some deep and profound stuff from time to time. It also gets totally blissed out and happy on occasion. But it […]

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