photo: Texas A&M University on flickr

photo: Texas A&M University on flickr

Everybody’s always going on and on about how great unconditional love is.

It’s all you need for a happy and fulfilling life. It’s the best thing ever. Even better than ice cream or sleeping kittens.

But unconditional love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why:

The word love.

The word love has been seriously corrupted by society.

When we hear the word love, many of us think of hearts and flowers. Valentine’s day and romantic weekends. In other words, we think of romantic love. Person to person love.

photo: Prayoga D. Widyanto on flickr

photo: Prayoga D. Widyanto on flickr

But there’s a dark side to this kind of love. Breakups and tears and stalking.

Because romantic love involves people¸ it comes with human problems. Those pesky human emotions can’t help but get involved.

So even though love means all kinds of things, we can’t help but associate it with something that can end in tears.

Yes, unconditional love is a different story, and that’s why we slap an adjective before the word-that-can-end-in-tears.

But it still has the word-that-can-end-in-tears in the phrase. There’s still a chance that the tears can leak in.

photo:  Jenene Chesbrough on flickr

photo: Jenene Chesbrough on flickr

Which is why unconditional love is old school.

It’s time for a new phrase to capture the hearts and minds of spiritual seekers everywhere.

I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right!

I have, indeed, come up with a new phrase. And I’m going to tell you it right now!

The new phrase is Unconditional Joy.

Same idea. Same expansiveness. But without the tears or stalking.

When you’re experiencing unconditional joy, you’re groovin’ on life. You’re happy just because.

photo: Texas A&M University on flickr

photo: Texas A&M University on flickr

Maybe your boyfriend just proposed. Maybe he just broke up with you. Either way, when you’re in the unconditional joy vibe, nothing can get you down.

Ultimately, unconditional love and unconditional joy are speaking to the same thing. They’re both an attempt to capture, in language, the Divine in human form.

But joy doesn’t have the same history as love. It’s more neutral. It’s just minding its own business, ready to be attached to the word unconditional and be made into the Best. Phrase. Ever.

Check it out:

Let’s say you’re dealing with a difficult person. Instead of telling yourself that you should be able to feel unconditional love for them, you tap into the unconditional joy vibe instead.

Suddenly, you’re not worrying about their bad behavior anymore. You’ve got joy coming out of your ears. Who cares how they’re acting?

And here’s the coolest part. In the process of tapping into unconditional joy, you’re able to act more loving toward them. But not because you’re striving to alter your human feelings. Instead, you’re vibing with something bigger and more powerful than the word-that-can-end-in-tears.

When you do this, nothing can stop you!

Of course, finding unconditional joy isn’t automatic. You have to know how to get there.

That’s where spiritual practice comes in.

Meditation, yoga, prayer, affirmations. Reading Life In Z-D.

photo:  Steve Jurvetson on flickr

photo: Steve Jurvetson on flickr

There are tons of ways to amplify unconditional joy in your life.

And, unlike the confusion that can result from a phrase like unconditional love, with unconditional joy nobody gets hurt.

That means no tears! No shattered dreams! No stalking!

All you have to do is find your joy zone, and then share it with the world: Friends. Neighbors. Complete strangers!

Unconditional Joy. It’s an idea whose time has come!

photo: Texas A&M University on flickr

photo: Texas A&M University on flickr

How do you tap into Unconditional Joy? Share your comments below!

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