Affirmations are awesome!

Affirmations – positive statements formed in the present tense – are a great way to change habitual thinking. Especially if they’re used passionately and consistently.

But – yes, there is a but – they have one drawback.

This drawback brings out an issue that is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding in the New Age/New Thought movement:

Letting the ego highjack the spiritual journey.


When we learn that changing our thinking changes our lives, the ego jumps in and puts in its order for stuff – cars and cash.

Nothing wrong with cars and cash. But there’s a limit to the ego’s demands.

Take my life, for example.

All of the best things that have happened to me have come outside the realm of what I was visualizing and affirming for my life.

Becoming a writer, accepting my queer sexuality and gender identity, even stumbling upon the spiritual path itself. These were all things that were totally outside my purview.

I wasn’t actively inviting them in. I was, at times, resistant to all of them.

I had no idea how much these things would change my life for the better.

Indeed, it was because these things were outside the spectrum of where my life was going, they had to come from outside what I thought I wanted.

They were, in short, Divinely inspired.


I’m not saying that visualizing and affirming don’t work, because they do.

And I’m not saying that everyone should stop visualizing and affirming, because you shouldn’t.

But don’t forget to visualize and affirm something like this:


Open-ended statements such as this allow for the Divine’s idea for your life to get some traction.

If you want your life to improve in specific areas, then by all means affirm that.

But remember to make room for improvements and inspirations that are way bigger than any of your ideas.

That’s where the real transformation happens.

That’s when your affirmations can catapult you to places that are More Amazing, More Powerful, and more Awesomely-Awesome-Mc-Awesome-Town than anything you’ve ever dreamed.

Remember to send me a postcard when you get there!


What’s your experience with affirmations? Share your comments below!

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