photo: Indi Samarajiva on flickr

photo: Indi Samarajiva on flickr

Dear Meli,

I love my job. At least, I used to. I recently got a new boss, and things have gotten tricky. She shares a lot of personal information with me. Way more than I want to hear. But she seems to feel safe with me, and views me as a confidante. I’m not gonna lie, it makes things smoother for me in some ways, as she’s easier on me than the rest of the crew. But that’s awkward too. And I don’t really want to be hearing all of her personal business. Also, and the job pays really well. Like, really well. I don’t want to leave, but I also don’t want it to stay like it is. Any suggestions?

Captured Confidante

Dear Captured,

I have to admit that I was challenged to come up with much to say to you about your situation. It sounds very challenging.

Where I ended up landing is where I always land, first and last. It’s my go-to activity in the best and hardest of times. And it’s definitely the place I go when I can’t come up with a better solution!

I pray!

When we turn our awareness to the Infinite Beloved, we immediately become aware of the field of energy beyond our own understanding, where all wisdom lies. Accessing this field and allowing ourselves to be supported by the non-physical dimension (whether angels or Spirit Herself) is always a perfect solution to anything.

I would take your current challenge into a daily prayer practice, as well as praying before you have a meeting or encounter with your boss. This practice, combined with compassion (which you must already be good at, which is why she is confiding in you), may just move things right along.

In your prayer work, don’t forget to imagine yourself going to your job feeling grateful for how all of this has worked itself out. Feeling this as if it were already true will hurry along your new greater good.

All the best to you in your practice, and this particular journey!


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