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How Do I Handle Spiritual Body Shamers?

Dear Meli, I am an active member of a spiritual community. I have been in this community for a long time, and have always considered myself a valuable member. Others in the community treat me with respect and kindness. Lately, however, there has been a change. A new...

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How Do I Handle My Fire Trauma?

Dear Meli, I know that you live in Sonoma County, so I'm curious to hear your take on this. I was evacuated from my home during the recent wildfires here in Santa Rosa. I was out of my house for about a week, but after that I was able to return home. Not everyone was...

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What to Do About the Drunk Guy in Your Head

We all have him. You may not always hear him, but he’s there. Spouting loud, obnoxious stuff. Blatant lies. Cruel insults. Most people call it the ego, but lately I’ve come to see this aspect of myself as a loud, sloppy drunk dude. Yes, it’s a dude. There are...

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Is Getting Sick a Failure?

Dear Meli,  It seems like people who are into consciousness sometimes make getting sick a failure. What's your take on this? I have an illness that I have been living with for years now. Even though I still wish I didn't have it, I have learned to adapt and find ways...

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In Defense of Kumbaya

It's not like we're going to just hold hands and start singing Kumbaya. How many times have you heard a phrase like this, particularly when someone is advocating for a non-superficial approach to problem solving? And yes, I understand this reaction. We definitely...

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Why Do Siblings Have Such Different Childhoods?

Dear Meli, Why do siblings who grew up in the same family have such different memories of their childhood? This might not sound like a spiritual question, but my sister and I, who are very close in age, have very different memories of our childhood, and this has...

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What’s Missing in Most Manifestation Regimes

For those of us who are into manifestation – and even those that aren’t – there are a few common elements we’ve all come to expect. The vision board. Affirmations. Visualization. But there’s one element to manifestation that often gets left out. This neglected element...

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Best. Failure. Lesson. Ever.

Years ago, I was a shy, insecure young adult living in Boston, Massachusetts. On the outside, I appeared somewhat confident. But I wasn’t. Confidence was something others had. I definitely wanted more of it. But I wasn’t sure how. I don’t remember much about my time...

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How Do You Raise Your Self-Esteem?

  Dear Meli,  This may be a weird question, but aren't spiritual seekers supposed to like themselves? I've been involved in a spiritual practice for a long time, and it has definitely improved my life. But sometimes it feels like my self-esteem has barely budged....

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How Do You Let Go of Being a Victim?

Dear Meli, I recently had someone tell me that I have a tendency to be a victim. Pretty annoying, right? Well, it's not the first time I've heard this. Lately, I've made the commitment to be more self-aware. And . . . Bingo! Do you have any advice of tips for letting...

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