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It sounds so romantic.

I’m letting Spirit guide my life.

I’m being held and sustained by a Power that’s greater than me.

I never worry about anything, ever, because I know the Divine is always in charge.

But, like any great romance, there’s a downside.

No, it doesn’t involve discovering that the Divine chews with Its mouth open or clips Its toenails in bed.

It’s much worse.

Spirit is perfect and amazing in ways the human mind can barely begin to comprehend.

Interacting with and being guided by a Perfect and Amazing Power takes some getting used to.

Our tiny human selves bump up against Perfection in ways that are messy and ultimately humorous.

In that spirit (so to speak), I would like to offer a list of the 3 main problems with letting Spirit guide your life.

1. The Fear

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When I was sixteen, I started to get an intuitive hit about the number 23. I knew it was an important number for me.

This intuitive prompting was cool in some ways. I was being let in on an intriguing, mysterious secret.

But it was also scary.

What was going to happen when I turned 23?

Was I going to die?

For seven years, I was both fascinated and frightened by this nudge from the Divine.

When I turned 23, sure enough, something really big happened.

I had a spiritual awakening and my life was forever changed.

Yes, it’s cool that I was given a Divine heads-up about it ahead of time.

But it was also scary because the experience was totally out of my control.

The ego is not a fan of things that are totally out of its control. Indeed, it is terrified of them.

Given that the entire spiritual path is out of the ego’s control, it’s bound to bring up fear.

Lots of it.


2. The Arguing

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The more I listen to the Divine, the more clearly I am able to hear Its guidance.

Does this mean I always follow what I hear?

Oh no.

One of my favorite pastimes is arguing with Divine direction.

You want me to do what?

Whenever the Divine suggests I do something, particularly something different and challenging, I am really good at coming up with a long list of reasons why whatever the Divine suggested is Not A Good Idea.

Never mind that the Divine’s ideas for my life always end up being more amazing than anything I would have come up with.

That doesn’t stop me from arguing and explaining and rationalizing and doing everything I can to NOT do what I’ve been asked.

Kinda like a teenager.

But eventually I grow up, put on my Big Girl Pants and do what I’m asked.

And it always works out fabulously.

Once I’m able to shut my mouth. 

3. The Not Knowing

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This has to be my least favorite of the three.

I really like knowing what’s going to happen.

Really like it.

If my life was a book, I would have skipped to the last page years ago. (Yes, I do that with real books. Don’t judge.)

When I look back on my life so far, I can see all kinds of great and wonderful reasons why it was better for me to not know how things were going to turn out ahead of time.

In most of the cases, such foresight would have prevented me from getting where I needed to go.

But still.

It is necessary to keep me guessing?

It is necessary to keep me, a detail-oriented person, from seeing the detailed itinerary of the trip?

Or even just a basic outline?

Apparently yes. It is necessary.

Although I have been given little hints and glimpses at times, like with my 23 experience, it seems the further I go on my spiritual quest, the more I am called upon to Not Know.

I am called upon to trust the direction of the Divine in ever deeper and more profound ways.

And that pisses me off.

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So there you have it.

The Fear.

The Arguing.

The Not Knowing.

It’s all part of the Wild and Wacky Journey we call the spiritual path.

Yes, it’s scary and noisy and confusing at times.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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What “problems” have you encountered on the spiritual path? Share your comments below!

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