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Have you ever seen a movie with a hidden plot twist? One you never saw coming?

The best friend is the murderer.

The hero is the villain.

The goofy sidekick is actually an evil genius intent on destroying the planet with her madcap unicorn made of slime.

You know, the usual stuff.

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Each and every one of us is living with this scenario every day.

No, I’m not talking slimy unicorns.

It’s much worse.

Check it out:

In the entertainment business, there’s something called an Unreliable Narrator.

Whenever we read a book or watch a movie, we expect the narrator to be doing exactly that: narrating. They’re going to tell us what’s up.

They’re going to tell us who’s good, and who’s bad. Whom we can trust. And whom we can’t.

In most books and movies, the narrator fulfills their job. We can rely on them.

But every once in a while, you get an Unreliable Narrator.

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The Unreliable Narrator is full of shit not at all trustworthy.

They tell you stuff from their point of view, but their point of view is extremely flawed.

The trickiest part about an Unreliable Narrator is that you don’t realize they’re unreliable until partway – or nearly all the way – through the narrative.

That’s what they’re there for – to mess with your head.

To make your entertainment choice that much more fun.

Weird, right?

And it gets better:

Everyone has an Unreliable Narrator messing with their head on a daily.

It’s called our ego.

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Our ego has its own take on things, one that’s invariably fractured and distorted and just plain wrong.


Because it’s not fully hooked up with the Divine. With Love.

So it tends to be a wee bit off. A wee bit negative.

But we don’t realize it, because we’ve been taken in by its supposed authority, so we believe everything it says. Which gets us all screwed up.

Until we wake up and realize what’s going on.

Waking up is what spiritual practice is all about.

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We start to get a little distance from the Unreliable Narrator.

We start to realize that its view of things is total crap a little distorted.

We start to say things like this:

Hey, my little Unreliable One! I know you had a good gig going on. I believed everything you said. But those days are over, bucko! Well, not totally over, because I’m still going to fall for it every now and then. Sometimes daily. But I’m going to keeping waking up to your lies and distortions again and again. And the more I do, the weaker your narrative gets. And the weaker you get, the stronger I grow in Peace. And Grace. And Love. I can even view YOU with love. You’re just doing your best. You’ve just been given a job that was never yours to begin with. And THAT’s the truth!

Indeed, one could say that waking up to the ego’s distortions is like a twist on a twist.

First you wake up to the realization that you’ve been believing a liar.

And then you realize that the truth is more amazing than you could ever imagine.

Kinda like realizing the sidekick is an evil genius with a slimy unicorn.

And then realizing the unicorn is a Super Special Undercover Agent who is made of Love, not slime, and their only goal is to spread Love all over the planet!

Best. Twist. Ever.

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How do you stay hip to the ego’s Unreliableness? Share your comments below!

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