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When you see a couple that’s just fallen in love, do you envy them?

Or do you think:

Yeah, just wait. Pretty soon you’ll be fighting over money and who takes out the trash. Enjoy it while it lasts, suckers!  

Whatever your reaction to the freshly-in-love, they have something to teach us.

No, it’s not that giggling uncontrollably whenever your paramour says anything is a relationship strength.

Although giggling uncontrollably has its merits.

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There’s another trait the freshly-in-love tend to display in copious amounts, a trait seasoned relationship folks could benefit greatly from.

Picture this:

You’re hanging out with a Fresh Couple. They’ve been together two weeks. Have you noticed how they talk to each other?

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Those of us in longer relationships tend to roll our eyes at this sort of hyper-saccharine-politeness. But why is that?

Is it, perhaps, because we haven’t participated in such behavior since we were Freshies ourselves?

Lately, I’ve been noticing how polite I tend to be with people I don’t know.

I’ve also noticed that, from time to time, I tend to be a tad bit less polite with my wife.

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But how wacky is that?

My wife is the person I love the most on the whole planet.

And yes, this means that she has the capacity to drive me crazy (not in a good way) more than anyone else on the whole planet.

blog melissa makes me crazy

But when I remember my manners, and treat her with the same level of politeness that I would a stranger, it makes everything So. Much. Better.

And, funny thing, my amped-up level of kindness has sparked a kindness revival in her as well.

What does this look like?

Saying “please” and “thank you” to each other all the time, even for little things that we do on a regular basis.

It feels great!

So now, when we see a couple of Freshies, we soak in their care and concern for each other. We see it as something to emulate, not to scoff at.

Yes, their hyper-saccharine-politeness might make us squirm sometimes, but it’s a trait worth noticing.

And practicing as much as we can.

So next time you see me giggling uncontrollably, you’ll know why…

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What do you appreciate about the Freshly-in-Love? Share your comments below!

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